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The Ina Isings Prize for historical utility glass

The Historical Utility Glass Foundation ( aims at a stream of articles on historical glass by stimulating collectors, antique dealers, museum curators and co-workers of universities to set their opinions and knowledge on paper. The Foundation is the custodian of a fund from which the biennial Ina Isings prize of € 1000, – will be awarded to the author that submits the best article.

Prof. Dr Ina Isings was emeritus professor at the Utrecht University and former curator of the archaeological collection of the Provincial Society of Art & Sciences and has been kind enough to give her name to this award.

The Isings prizes 2016 and 2018 were awarded at symposiums in the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities to Michel Hulst for ‘Oddity or ordinary ‘ on a collection of glass in cesspools on the Jodenbreestraat, Amsterdam and to Prof. Dr Hans-Georg Stephan for ‘The manifold ‘Stangenglas’, a basic form of drinking glasses in the European Renaissance’.

The judgement will be at the discretion of a jury whose members have earned their reputation in the field of the history of glass. The members of the board and the jury invite you to take part in this contest and look forward with great anticipation to your contributions. The submission deadline for the third round of the Isings prize will run until the end of 2019. The prize will be awarded at our yearly symposium in the autumn of 2020.

Specifications for the articles:

  • Written in Dutch, German or in English,
  • Well illustrated, with a maximum of 3500 words,
  • Not previously published,
  • Scientifically sound but understandable for an interested outsider.
  • Submitted as WORD document with illustrations in JPG
  • By entry one agrees with the publication of her/his article under the sponsorship of the Historical Utility Glass Foundation.
  • For more information about the Foundation:

Correspondence, information and entry: or
Het Historisch gebruiksglas, Rotterdamse Rijweg 190, 3042AV Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The INA ISINGS PRIZE 2018 will be presented at the symposium in November 2018.

After that the registration will open for the INA ISINGS PRIZE 2020
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