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The Ina Isings prize for contributions on historical utility Glass

The Foundation for historical utility Glass focuses on research into historic utility glass. We mean glass that has had a function in daily life or was used to special or festive occasions and was not meant as an expression of artistry.

To make the knowledge of historical glass broadly accessible and/or to encourage research the Foundation awards since 2016 every two years the Prof. Dr. Ina Isings prize for the best article on historical utility glass. The winner will receive a cash prize of €1,000, and her or his article will be published in the Yearbook of the Foundation. We hope to launch a stream of articles by collectors, antique dealers, employees of museums, universities, heritage services and others by asking them to put their knowledge, research results or questions in writing. To reach a wide audience, the articles should be both scientifically sound as understandable for the interested layman.

All entries will be judged by a jury of people who have earned their spurs on the subject of historic glass. Previous awards have gone to ‘Oddity or Everyday’’ about glass founds in cess pits in the Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam and to ‘Das mehrkantige Stangenglas, eine Grundform der Trinkgefäße der Renaissance in Europe’.

Correspondence about the price and submissions to
Postal address: 190 Rotterdamse Rijweg, 3042AV Rotterdam, Netherlands.

About Prof. Dr Ina Isings

Prof. Dr. Ina Isings was emeritis-Professor at the University of Utrecht and former curator of the archaeological collection of the provincial society of Arts and Sciences of the province of Utrecht. She has been kind enough to attach her name to this prize at the request of our Foundation. For years, she pioneerd in many areas of the world of old and antique glass. With this award we would like to give her work a permanent place.
On 03 september 2018 is Prof. Dr. Ina Isings died, in the age of 99 years. We will remember Mrs Isings’ groundbreaking work and her many publications with respect and are proud that her name is connected to our biennial prize as a tribute to a special woman.

The INA ISINGS PRIZE 2018 will be presented at the symposium in November 2018.

After that the registration will open for the INA ISINGS PRIZE 2020
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